Are you ready to feel more confident and intentional in how you show up so that you can be a better servant-leader for your team?


This 6-Week Self-Guided Video Course will give you the guidance and structure you need to be more intentional in your self-reflection and improvement practices.




  • You are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and are yearning to make a bigger impact.


  • You are feeling stagnant and are ready to push yourself to show up for your team.


  • You are experiencing new challenges and are having difficulty moving through them.


  • You want the support of a Scrum Master Coach without the price tag.





  • You could feel confident and clear about how you focus your time and energy.  


  • You could be more present and open with your team members.


  • You look back on your day and know that you showed up intentional and on purpose.


  • You have a greater sense of purpose in your daily work.




To be an influential and impactful servant-leader, you need to start SHOWING UP.



Scrum Master: Grow



When you are more present and self-aware, you will be able to observe what is happening and make choices that help you better serve others in their growth and success.


This 6-week self-guided program helps you reflect on where you are today and implement actions for growth and improvement.  


Improve how you show up, so you can better serve your team and organization. 

In each Module, you will receive:

  • 10-minute video focused on a topic essential for your personal leadership success
  • Video transcript
  • Worksheet to help you clarify your learning
  • Journal Topic to start your week off on solid ground
  • Short Daily Practice to help you integrate these concepts into your everyday life
  • End-of-Week Reflection to create space for new insights and ideas







  • Week 1: Your Purpose

    We get clear on our bigger purpose as a Scrum Master, so we can show up consistently, stay present, stand in our power, and be resilient.

  • Week 2: Presence & Intention

    We learn how to get clear on our intentions and shift our energy to be in alignment with our intentions.  If we want to influence how others are showing up, we focus on how WE are showing up.

  • Week 3: Agile Mindset

    We explore how we are leveraging the values and principles of an Agile Mindset.  Specifically, we dive into what the Scrum values mean to us and how we are using them in our own day-to-day (or not).

  • Week 4: Relationships

    We use the skills we have been growing (presence, intention, purpose) to begin looking at how we are showing up in relationship with people in two areas:  1) understanding others and 2) engaging in conflict.

  • Week 5: Empiricism

    We expect Scrum Teams to embrace empiricism, however, we also must embrace and apply empiricism ourselves to grow, create greater impact, and better serve our teams and organizations.

  • Week 6: Integration & Looking Forward

    Building upon Weeks 1-5, we turn attention towards our capabilities as a Scrum Master - where we are today and where we want to grow.  We integrate what we have learned and look at how we want to carry this growth process forward.



    You can do the 6-week video program multiple times throughout the year - you will gain new insights every time based on where you are, new circumstances, and where you want to grow next.


Grow Your Impact for Only $149

This Is For You If ...

  • ​You are a Scrum Master who already knows Scrum and understands the agile mindset. 
  • You have had professional training on the Scrum core concepts and are ready to improve how you are showing up as a servant-leader.
  • Whether you have been a Scrum Master for 6 months , 6 years, or 16 years, you know that you can always improve.
  • You are willing to do the self-reflection and challenge yourself to learn and grow. 
  • You just want a little guidance and structure to help you be more intentional in your self-reflection and improvement practices.


The Scrum Master: Grow Program Will Help You To ...

  • ​Continue growing as a leader, so you can have more influence and create greater impact.
  • Step out of the chaos and the struggle to "keep up" and the feeling that you are just going through the motions.p
  • Use an empirical approach and an agile mindset to improve how you show up as a Scrum Master.p, a wh

Grow Your Impact for Only $149


  • ​You will go from being just another Scrum Master to being a role model for how to show up as a servant-leader.
  • You will finally have the guidance and structure you need to feel confident and intentional in how you show up for yourself and your team.
  • You will be able to navigate uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change with more openness and clarity.
  • You will have the tools to self-reflect and integrate new learning and insights as you continue to grow as a Scrum Master (and beyond).

And I totally get it.  When I first became a Scrum Master, I experienced frustration with myself, my team members, and stakeholders in the wider organization.  I wanted to see faster improvement, more ownership, better collaboration, and about 100 other things. I thought I needed to learn as many agile practices, tools, and case studies as fast as possible to be a better Scrum Master.  


I quickly discovered that my ability to turn my knowledge into improved outcomes for my team and organization was either limited or enhanced by how I was showing up.


Growing my self-awareness, staying present, and being intentional have continued to serve me well as I gained greater influence and took on more challenging roles.


I am a licensed Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), and I have taught over 1,300 students on 5 continents. I have been a Steward of the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Curriculum since 2016, helping to improve and evolve the course while maintaining the integrity of Ken Schwaber's vision.  


I have over 15 years of experience as a Scrum Master, Coach, Project Manager, and Trainer.   I have completed the 5-course Co-Active Coaching Training Program and am currently part of the Co-Active Leadership Program.  I am also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)


I am the co-author of the book Mastering Professional Scrum, recently published by Pearson Addison-Wesley as part of the's Professional Scrum Series.

Are you ready to invest in improving yourself so you can better serve others?


If you are ready to grow your self-awareness – 


Now is the time to say YES to showing up with intention.


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