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The leadership program where Scrum Masters expand their servant leadership capabilities, unlocking their power to grow thriving teams and create thriving futures.


Enroll in my 8-week group leadership program.


​You will learn how to create more transparency and integrate all of your wisdom to navigate the choices and stances of a Scrum Master, so you can support both the human experiences of and the valuable outcomes created by your team and everyone around you.


  • ​You know that just learning more theory, practices, and tools is not going to get you to that next level of impact as a Scrum Master. Because it's about HOW and WHY you apply that learning. It's about deepening awareness and creating more transparency. It's about who you are and how you show up as a servant-leader. And you want to expand your range as a servant-leader.
  • You want to grow your leadership through being immersed in real-life experiences, not given slides and bullet points and hypothetical scenarios. And you want the space to observe, unpack, and process what you are experiencing, so you can integrate it into your regular habits and way of thinking.
  • You are an experienced Scrum Master with a solid foundation in Scrum, an agile mindset, and a passion for servant-leadership. But you still struggle with knowing when to facilitate, coach, teach, offer advice or input. You know there is not a methodology, and you want to learn the secret to navigating these choices using your wisdom and greater awareness, integrating logical and intuitive information.
  • You want to be able to see through the noise into what's really going on, so you and your teams can move beyond the symptoms and spend time and energy on addressing root causes, seeking opportunities for creativity and innovation.
  • You know there are no silver bullets or best practices when it comes to agility, Scrum, and servant leadership. You are willing to do the work, hold paradox, be vulnerable, and embrace uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • And you don't want to go it alone anymore. You want the support and guidance of a Scrum Master you trust and connect with who has done this work herself. And you want to experience the transformative power of learning in community with a diverse group of like-minded servant-leaders.

I've created an 8-week group Scrum Master Leadership Program that's going to give you all of this and more.




  • You experience that big a-ha where a deeper understanding of servant leadership emerges, and you can start making the inner shifts necessary to create the outer impact you want to have.


  • You feel proud of the impact you have on others and the future you are influencing. You leave the people and teams you work with happier, more confident, and more resilient.


  • You carry this experience with you beyond the program and keep reaching deeper levels of understanding of your leadership - for your Scrum Teams but also in all areas of your life.


  • You are able to embody leadership from a place of wholeness rather than separation. And this unlocks your power and unique gifts to grow both the human experience of your team and the valuable outcomes they create.


  • You grow in your own mastery of Scrum, so you can bring new insights and creativity to your teams and the wider organization.


  • You feel more confidence, ease, and flow in navigating complexity, uncertainty, ambiguity, and rapid change.  And you bring this leadership into everything you do.



A leadership program for Scrum Masters who want to unlock their unique servant leadership capabilities to grow thriving teams and create thriving futures in a way that embodies wholeness, integration, and interconnectedness.


  • No hypothetical scenario-based exercises. We will be working with real-world Scrum Master challenges, using our lives as our leadership lab.

  • You will get to experience me doing what I do best - how I show up as a servant leader and a behind-the-scenes look at what is going on in my head and my heart, the tools I use, and how I make choices.

  • A program that offers the spaciousness and intentionality needed to deepen our listening, broaden transparency and awareness, and enable emergent solutions.

  • Limited numbers, so everyone can participate, feel heard, and be supported in their individual growth as well as the up-leveling of the collective.

  • Supportive and inclusive environment to explore, process, and experiment no matter where you are in your journey, so you can truly integrate this experience into your everyday life.


If you want a transformational experience that will help you truly embody servant leadership, so you can more fully integrate all of your wisdom and skills to inspire, empower, and enable others to join you in co-creating thriving futures, Scrum Master: Evolution is for you.



Over 8 weeks, you will have the opportunity to be immersed in experiences that help you deepen your understanding of what servant leadership looks like and feels like, expand your awareness, and grow your mastery of Scrum so that you can more easily and intuitively show up in ways that best serve yourself, your team, and the organization.

We will have a 2-hour group call every week (8 calls total).

  • Each week, someone will bring one of their real-world Scrum Master challenges, and I will "work this challenge" with the person. The rest of the group will be able to witness and observe, noticing the tools I am using and how I am showing up as a servant leader. 

  • We will de-brief the experience together. I will bring you "behind the scenes," and help you understand the choices I am making and what's happening in my head and my heart. I will bring all of my wisdom as a Professional Scrum Trainer, a facilitator, a coach, a consultant, and a human.

  • There are so many juicy levels of learning that happen both when you are bringing your challenge AND when you get to be the observer. Even if the specifics of the challenge being worked are different than the ones you are facing, you will gain so many insights and ideas in terms of your own challenges (micro level) but also in observing leadership in action (macro level).


Concepts and tools will be layered in across the 8 weeks. However, this program is NOT about overwhelming you with a bunch of new theories and tools. Instead, you are supported in practicing a few things deeply. Some of the tools I introduce will emerge based on what is needed by the group as we work together. There are 2 key learning outcomes we will be working throughout the program:

  • Leverage my Model for Agility Enablement to find opportunities to help your Scrum Team more effectively navigate complexity, unpredictability, and rapid change AND find joy and fulfillment while doing it.
  • Navigate the choices of a Scrum Master.
Image of the Agile Socks Agility Enablement Model - the 4 Dimensions and the Core

Focus #1 - Leverage my Model for Agility Enablement.


This is the model I use with EVERY coaching client - no matter their work type, industry, or experience level. 


This is a single model to rule them all, Because simplicity is so important when dealing with complexity.


Over the 8 weeks, we will deepen our understanding of each of the 4 Dimensions: Product Value, Team Identity, Team Process, and the Organization.


You will be able to start leveraging the model immediately to increase transparency, get to the root causes of challenges, and enable emergent solutions. 


And I will teach you how to use my model in any context, and you will be able to apply this for all future endeavors.

Focus #2 - Navigate the choices of a Scrum Master.


Scrum Masters are often taught there are different stances to take and specific skills they must grow in order to best serve their team. I prefer the phrase "choices to navigate" - you will learn why in Week 1. Scrum Masters need to determine when and how to teach, to facilitate, to coach, to consult or advise, to take action, to use a heavy touch or a light touch, to intentionally do nothing - just let the team figure it out. 


In this program, we will come to a more intuitive understanding of how these skills and choices are interconnected and manifest themselves in how we show up as a servant leader.


During the time between calls, you will have space to process your experience.

  • I will offer tangible ways to put your learning into practice, however, this program is not about doing a bunch of homework assignments. It's much more about observing and noticing.
  • You will be practicing deepening your awareness, seeing through different lenses, and this just becomes part of how you go about your day.
  • You will be cultivating your openness and curiosity.
  • You will naturally start shifting your orientation and approach to how you are showing up as a Scrum Master (and likely beyond that role).​










Since cohorts are small, enrollment will be opened up to waitlist members first. 


Note that future cohorts may have a different structure which may impact the cost because this program will evolve with feedback and new understanding - empiricism!




  • You are an experienced Scrum Master with a solid foundation in Scrum and an agile mindset. You are a lifelong learner, always seeking to be a better Scrum Master (and human). But you are ready to step off the hamster wheel of "collecting" learning. You want a transformational experience that will help you create more impact while experiencing more ease, confidence, and flow.

  • You know what servant leadership is on an intellectual level. You strongly connect with the values and principles, and you try to live into it every day. But it feels really hard, and it keeps getting harder in the face of more complex challenges. You feel like there is more to it that has been beyond your grasp. And you are craving that deeper level of understanding of servant leadership, that shift in your orientation to the world.

  • You are ready to break through old paradigms and limiting beliefs that are holding you (and the world) back from creating thriving futures. You want to cultivate openness and curiosity, creativity and innovation.

  • You know that transparency is a Scrum Master's greatest tool, and you want to learn how to increase the depth and breadth of transparency to what's happening now and what is wanting to emerge.

  • You love experiential learning and are willing to dive deep into generative dialogue with others to explore and create meaning together.

  • You want spaciousness, guidance, and support to truly integrate your learning into your regular habits, ways of thinking, and intuitive wisdom.

This program is NOT for people who want to learn as many practices and tools as possible. Yes, we will learn tools, but they are secondary to the experience.  It's about quality and outcomes, not quantity and activity.


  • Expand your awareness, bringing in more information and wisdom to create from and let guide you.

  • See through the noise into what’s really going on, moving beyond the symptoms of problems and getting to the root causes.

  • Feel more confidence and ease in your decisions and actions, as well as your ability to navigate any situation.

  • Experience leadership that embodies wholeness, integration, and interconnectedness rather than separation and fragmentation. And when you feel that difference, it all comes together.

  • Grow in your own mastery of Scrum, experiencing new insights and a-ha moments you can immediately begin applying and will continue to apply to your future endeavors.

  • Experience deeper level of connection to what servant leadership means for you, so you can begin to make the inner shifts necessary to create the outer impact you want to have.

  • Be seen as and truly feel like a change agent.

  • Carry this experience with you beyond the 8 weeks, and keep reaching new levels of understanding and embodiment of your leadership.

  • Feel proud of the impact you have on others. You will leave the people and teams you work with happier, more confident, and more resilient.


I am living proof of a Scrum Master who stumbled into my calling to servant leadership, followed the bread crumbs, fully committed to the journey, created a life that allows me to do the work I love. And I am now on a mission to help others in their own unique servant leadership journey.


Like you, I wanted to create more impact. I wanted to influence change - in the hearts and minds of people, in unleashing the creative potential of self-organizing collaborative teams, and in the organizations that are shaping our world.  And that bigger change starts with each and every one of us tapping into and fully expressing our servant leadership capabilities.


When I first became a Scrum Master, I experienced frustration with myself, my team members, and stakeholders in the wider organization.  I wanted to see faster improvement, more ownership, better collaboration, and about 100 other things. I thought I needed to learn as many agile theories, practices, tools, and case studies as fast as possible to be a better Scrum Master.  

Gradually, I started to realize that there was something deeper to this servant leadership thing. In fact, servant leadership is everything.


How I show up as a servant leader informs how I leverage any theories, practices, and tools that I learn. My orientation as a servant leader guides my choices and the wide range of skills I need to leverage as a Scrum Master.


There are many layers to my servant leadership journey, and I believe we each need to discover our own path. In the words of A. Machado, "Wanderer there is no path. You lay a path in walking." Some major milestones and influences in my journey include becoming a Steward of the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Curriculum for, entrepreneurship, Brené Brown's work, and investing in transformational experiences with Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). 


What I have learned along the way is that the key to jump starting this servant leadership journey is to EXPERIENCE IT.  And I don't just mean once. I mean repeatedly. You need to be immersed in it, and you need to be given the space and support to process the experience. You need to have a guided dialogue to help you unpack what you are observing and feeling. That is what I am offering you - the ability to experience me doing what I do best and go behind the scenes with me.


This is why I created Scrum Master: Evolution.


I chose the word "evolution" because this is not about becoming someone different or being "better." This is about becoming MORE of ourselves and MORE integrated with our world. This is truly the superpower that helps us navigate complexity, unpredictability, and change to create the impact we want to have in a deeper and broader way.


This journey is something that has continued to serve me as I gain greater influence and create larger impacts. I have learned how to stay creative in a reactive world. I feel more ease and flow in how I show up and serve the people I work with. I am better at creating environments that enable emergence. I am more patient, trusting in the unfolding. I am more resilient and innovative in the face of failure and chaos. And I believe that individuals have the ability to create thriving futures for our world.


I am a licensed Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), and I have taught over 1,300 students on 5 continents. I have been a Steward of the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Curriculum since 2016, helping to improve and evolve the course while maintaining the integrity of Ken Schwaber's vision. I have over 15 years of experience as a Scrum Master, Coach, Project Manager, and Trainer.  I have completed the 5-course Co-Active Coaching Training Program and am currently part of the Co-Active Leadership Program.  I am also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). I am the co-author of the book Mastering Professional Scrum, recently published by Pearson Addison-Wesley as part of the's Professional Scrum Series.

Are you ready to unlock your power as a servant leader to grow thriving teams and create thriving futures?





The first cohort runs April through May.

Since cohorts are small, enrollment will be opened up to waitlist members first. 


Note that future cohorts may have a different structure which may impact the cost because this program will evolve with feedback and new understanding - empiricism!



Do I get one-on-one time with you?

This is yet to be determined. There will likely be some one-on-one sessions included in the program with an option to purchase additional sessions with me during the timeframe of the program at a deep discount.


AND keep in mind that the cohorts are small, and our group calls are designed to include plenty of space for debriefs, so we can process and integrate the learning and insights.

How many people will be on each call?

What if I am unhappy with the course?

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What if I'm an Agile Coach and am no longer directly in the role of a Scrum Master?

Will the calls be recorded?

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How many hours can I expect to work on this each week?

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When does the program start?

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