• Your team is struggling to become a cohesive unit that delivers value frequently and responds to change effectively.


  • You are not sure how to support and challenge your team without undermining self-organization.


  • You continue to be frustrated by your inability to influence change and growth.



  • You want to grow your coaching skills, but you don't really know what coaching is beyond asking powerful questions.



  • You don't want to invest in a 6-month program.  You need to be learning on the job, so you can apply new knowledge and skills immediately and continue practicing.





  • Your team is focused and aligned on delivering value; and they can successfully navigate complexity, unpredictability, and rapid change.



  • Your team is truly committed to Professional Scrum, owning their process and outcomes, leveraging empiricism and an agile mindset to get better every day. 


  • You feel more openness, creativity, and ease in how you approach any situation.


  • You are viewed as a catalyst for change and growth, a dynamic Scrum Master who can take on any challenge.


  • You feel like you are the best Scrum Master you can be, and you're learning and growing every day.



Coaching Skills for Impact is for Scrum Masters who want to LEVEL-UP.


In this self-guided online course, I will teach you the coaching skills and framework you need to empower and enable your teams to take responsibility for their outcomes, their way of working, and their learning and growth.


You will learn how to help your team align around what's important and what they want to achieve, so they can move towards their goals and desires.  And this will enable your team to more reliably deliver valuable products and services to users and the organization.


Ultimately, you and your team will develop greater resilience to the inevitable setbacks and challenges of living in an unpredictable, complex, and constantly changing world. 


The organization will recognize your team as an example of agility.  And you will be known as someone who can create meaningful impact wherever you go.


Everyone focuses on learning more agile practices and tools to help their Scrum Teams improve, but coaching skills are the key to helping people and teams integrate learning, growth, and adaptability.


This course includes 3.5 hours of content split into short, consumable video lessons (between 2 to 10 minutes each) that build upon each other.  The course is self-guided, so you can go at your own pace and apply what you are learning as you move through it.

In each Module, you will receive:

  • A series of short video lessons focused on a specific topic
  • A transcript of each video
  • A workbook to help you clarify your learning and your practice as you move through each lesson





  • Module 1: Coaching Enables the Benefits of Scrum and Business Agility

    Get clear on the connection between coaching and business agility, so you can easily spot the opportunities to apply what you learn in this course.

  • Module 2: People Are the Heart of Scrum

    Learn how personality, intrinsic motivation, values, and emotional intelligence can help us better understand and appreciate individuals, so they can bring their skills and talents to life.  (This is for the psychology/ human behavior nerds!)

  • Module 3: A Coaching Framework for Scrum Masters

    Feel more confident in navigating every coaching conversation, as well as balancing the needs of the individuals and the team.

  • Module 4: Coaching Skills

    Learn to apply more than 12 core coaching skills.

  • Module 5: Coaching and the Team Context

    Learn how to apply coaching skills and the coaching framework to improve self-organization, cross-functionality, and collaboration.

  • Module 6: Coaching and the Organization Context

    Explore how to apply everything you've learned to remove organizational impediments and influence change in the wider organization.

  • Module 7: Looking Forward

This Is For You If ...

  • ​You are feeling torn between wanting to help and challenge people to improve but don't want to undermine self-organization and fall into the trap of "directing" people
  • You are ready to level-up your coaching skills to be the best Scrum Master you can be.
  • You think people are amazing, and you want to support them in creating lives they love - and that includes being happy and fulfilled in their work.
  • You are willing to apply what you learn, observe and reflect, and continue to integrate your learning with intentional practice.
  • You just need an approachable way to learn the essential knowledge and coaching skills so that you can practice and improve.


Coaching Skills for Impact Will Help You To ...

  • --> ​Continue growing your skills as a servant-leader, so you can create greater impact.
  • --> Empower your team to take ownership of their goals, their processes, and their outcomes.p
  • --> Enable your team to navigate conflict more effectively to create alignment and move towards better outcomes.
  • You and your team will go from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to self-organizing and working collaboratively, enabling the delivery of high-value solutions, truly enjoying work, and supporting the business in navigating rapid change, complexity, and uncertainty.


  • ​You will finally have the knowledge you need to effectively apply coaching skills so that your team can grow together, achieve greater impact, and be happy doing their work.
  • Know your days are filled with meaningful conversations and working sessions that end in shared understanding, learning, and clear decisions.  And you'll have time to focus on helping the team tackle bigger challenges, as well as the impediments in the organization.
  • You will feel like a catalyst for change and growth. When your team is successful, others will notice, and your influence and impact will grow.  You will be able to inspire creative solutions and create meaningful impact wherever you go.  You will create a ripple.

And I totally get it.  When I first became a Scrum Master, I experienced frustration with myself, my team members, and stakeholders in the wider organization.  I wanted to see faster improvement, more ownership, better collaboration, and about 100 other things. I thought I needed to learn as many agile practices, tools, and case studies as fast as possible to be a better Scrum Master.  


I quickly discovered that coaching is what enables people to take ownership of their learning and growth, generate and integrate their insights more quickly, and move through discomfort and uncertainty with more ease.


As I began growing my personal leadership and coaching skills, I gained greater influence and took on more challenging roles.  These skills continue to serve me.


I am a licensed Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), and I have taught over 1,300 students on 5 continents. I have been a Steward of the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Curriculum since 2016, helping to improve and evolve the course while maintaining the integrity of Ken Schwaber's vision.  


I have over 15 years of experience as a Scrum Master, Coach, Project Manager, and Trainer.   I have completed the 5-course Co-Active Coaching Training Program and am currently part of the Co-Active Leadership Program.  I am also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)


I am the co-author of the book Mastering Professional Scrum, recently published by Pearson Addison-Wesley as part of the's Professional Scrum Series.

Are you ready to be the best Scrum Master you can be?


If you are ready to take yourself to the next level, so you can take your team to the next level – 


Now is the time to say YES to improving your coaching skills.



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I would never want you to be unhappy! If you start doing the work (video lessons and accompanying workbooks) and realize it is not for you, request a refund within 7 days of purchase, and I'll give you a full refund.

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7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have started doing the work (video lessons and workbooks) and decide the course isn’t what you were looking for, you may request a refund within 7 days of purchase. 

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